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Museum Quality since 1979

Hand Made Collectable Miniature Scale Doll and Teddy bear specialty store,  1/4" scale, 1/2" scale & 1" scale.

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Dolls for 2014

We specialize in creating hand made collectable museum quality miniature scale porcelain dolls.

    All our dolls are individually hand made by our artist right here in the Pacific North West part of the USA.  Our highly detailed dolls range from 1/4" scale to 1" doll house scale. Most of our dolls are fully jointed with swivel heads. We carry a full range of hard to find hand made museum quality miniature scale dolls such as antique reproduction Victorian, Googly, Shay, Gibson, Bru, Toy dolls, Novelty Costumed Dolls, Teddy Bears, Stuffed animals, scale Doll Clothes Patterns, Scale Doll Furnishings, Miniature Paintings.

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Caution: *** Dolls and miniatures are made for the collector & are not intended as toys for small children (choking hazards exist).***


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